DeWalt Holesaw Mandrel SDS Plus Fitting 32 – 210mm

The DeWalt DT8108 Holesaw Mandrel with SDS Plus Fitting suitable for use with holsaw sizes 32 – 210mm. It has a quick release mandrel for fast tool free changeovers, and quick release collar to prevent hole saw lock upand pilot bit and DeWalt Extreme pilot bit for faster drilling.



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Forest Ultima Pergola Kit : Size – Small

Forest Ultima Pergola Kit : Size - Small

The ULTIMA PERGOLA KIT with If the Deck Board Deck Kit is pure decking magic, without a superstructure to speak of, then the ULTIMA PERGOLA KIT is its superstructure, standing tall and proud on its extremely powerful supports.The cross-beams at the top are similarly immoveable; you can expect many years of service from this kit, even with vines and convolvulus burying much of the actual wood beneath a rhapsody in green. It also comes in two different sizes, both 280 cm tall, but one based around a 270 cm square, and the other a 360 cm behemoth. Trucks can be driven both ways through each.Manufactured out of pressure-treated softwood, the ULTIMA PERGOLA KIT comes with a 15-year anti-rot guarantee, smoothly planed sides and with all fixtures and fittings included. It would not be resorting to hyperbole to say that it’s the only pergola kit you’ll ever need.FeaturesSoftwood designSupplied unpainted15 year anti-rot guaranteeSmall dimensions (H x W x D): 280 x 270 x 270 cmLarge dimensions (H x W x D): 280 x 360 x 360 cm

Heavy Duty Willow Trellis 1.8m x 0.3m

Heavy Duty Willow Trellis 1.8m x 0.3m

Extra thick brown willow makes up the heavy duty expanding trellis for plants such as clematis that need that extra strong support.

M&M Timber Ltd Kinlet Corner Pergola

M&M Timber Ltd Kinlet Corner Pergola

The KINLET CORNER PERGOLA with The KINLET CORNER PERGOLA is a fantastic way to create an inviting atmosphere in your back garden or patio without sacrificing precious space.With its beautiful pressure-treated timber left in a natural wood tone, the KINLET CORNER PERGOLA has a rustic, charming quality and features a beautiful lattice corner detail.The KINLET CORNER PERGOLA is simple to assemble with few tools required, and an easy-to-follow instruction kit is included to guide you.The KINLET CORNER PERGOLA is a wood product which would naturally make it susceptible to some warping or splitting when placed under extreme environmental stresses.This is normal, and the original shape of the timber should return on its own in most cases.The KINLET CORNER PERGOLA measures 3000 x 1830 x 2100mm.Dimensions/NotesManufactured from pressure-treated timberDurable and long-lastingEasy to assembleComes flat-packed with instruction kitLattice corner detailMeasures 3000 x 1830 x 2100mm


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