Dolmen Compost Mixer and Aerator

Its the easiest and most effective method of mixing and aerating compost or soil in a compost bin or other tight garden space. Hand made of hard wearing solid steel the Dolmen-Compost-Mixer accelerates and improves composting by aerating and mixing the compost, thereby distributing oxygen, bacteria, moisture and other nutrients evenly.



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Red kitchen Compost Caddy SECONDS

Red kitchen Compost Caddy SECONDS

This beautiful, vintage style compost caddy will make an attractive addition to your kitchen.
These items are in full working order but have minor cosmetic damage to some areas of the paintwork.
Fruit and vegetable peelings, eggshells, tea and coffee grounds can be kept in this handy bin and emptied when full, eliminating all those trips to the composter.
The activated charcoal filter inside the lid works to prevent odours escaping into the kitchen.
The internal bin eliminates the need to purchase any compost bags with this caddy as it is easily washed after emptying, and makes it just that bit easier to transport your waste outside.
Made from a powder coated metal.
Size 17cm diameter, 21.5cm height not including handle. 1 filter included in sale

Module Black Compogreen Composter 800 litres

Module Black Compogreen Composter 800 litres

Great solution !!! You can compost your bio-waste in one part and the same time in other part some compost is procesing.


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