Eddingtons Compost Pail Replacement Filters

Pack of 2, Eddingtons Compost Pail replacement Carbon Filters.  For Compost Pail product details see reference 83005.



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World first: Composter – Garden Compost Bin – No turning of the pile anymore – without bottom board

World first: Composter - Garden Compost Bin - No turning of the pile anymore - without bottom board

World first: No-turn composting method thanks to the patented sliding supports, a simple but effective static element inside the composter, the heap is supported with the majority of its weight by them, and thus no longer rests entirely on the ground, but partly by 25cm above. The turning of the pile is replaced by the force of gravity and therefore is no longer necessary, at the same time the interior of the pile is aerated in its totality and composting without bad odors is rendered possible. The mature compost can be removed easily without underneath the pile rests on itself or on the shovel or fork. Further, SUPERCOMP operates at maximal working: compost ready after only 6 weeks!
-made of resistant polypropylene
-windproof for the upper lid
-2 sliding supports, 2 compost regulators made of resistant plastic
-without bottom board, optional
-easy assembling without tools!
-dimensions in inches 26 x26 x14 (l x w x h)
-77 gal (UK) volume
-616 gal performance/year (corresponds to a yearly performance of an organic waste collection bin of 26 gal, which will be picked up twice per month)
Your saving – SUPERCOMP is the:
-cheapest no-turn compost bin with the maximum convenience for the user: no rotation of the tumbler of more than 220 lbs compost heap,
-no pushing of any boards,
-easy removal of compost: no obstacle or cone-like ventilating cylinder in the center of the bottom of the compost bin WHY DO I NEED A BOTTOM BOARD?Advantage 1: With SUPERCOMP the pile is supported by the sliding supports at the side panels. With an open soil, the bottom board is a simple method to prevent from sinking. Without the bottom board, please make sure to underlay with bricks or similar items in order to avoid sinking. Advantage 2: The polished bottom board allows to remove easily the compost at the bottom chamber (i.e. with a shovel).

330L Compost Converter 330 litres Green

330L Compost Converter 330 litres Green

The Green Blackwall 330 litre Compost Bin quickly and easily recycles large quantities of organic and kitchen waste, creating rich, nutritious compost that is ideal for retaining moisture in the garden.Fitted with an extra wide hatch for easy access to finished compost. Needs no assembly and is easy to use.Made from recycled plastic and supplied with black side hatch, the Converters are available in two sizes, the Compact 220 litre and the Giant 330 litre.


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