Garden Weed Control Fabric Membrane Ground Sheet Cover Decking Landscaping (4 Rolls)

8m x 1.5m Weed Control Fabric
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Effective weed control fabric. Designed to keep weeds at bay. Retains soil moisture, for use under paving, decking, bark, flower beds and borders.

-Cost effective fabric suppresses weed growth without using chemicals.
- Encourages root growth by keeping soil moist and cool.
-Perforations allow air and water through, achieving consistency of temperature and moisture.
-Easy to use – can be cut to size with scissors.



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MANILLA NATURAL ROPE (25mm) Decking, Garden, Boating, Tug of war, Climbing rope. PRICE IS PER METRE

MANILLA NATURAL ROPE (25mm) Decking, Garden, Boating, Tug of war, Climbing rope. PRICE IS PER METRE

A natural 3 strand Manilla rope made from fibre obtained from the leaves of the Abaca tree grown in the Philippines. Manilla rope holds knots well is tough and because of natural oils, reasonably water resistant, being a traditional natural rope it looks good in the garden and can be used for barrier ropes, plant support and edging. Manilla goes well with decking and can be used for swings and play equipment, it can be used indoors or outdoors.

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE ORDERING: Because this rope is made from natural fibres, it is likely the rope will absorb some moisture if used outside. It will shrink when wet and lengthen when it’s dry. Please allow approximately 10% in total length. Also the diameter of the rope is measured during manufacture whilst the rope is under tension so the finished product may have a larger diameter than stated. For example a 24mm rope will actually measure up to 27mm when not under tension and the fibres are relaxed. IMPORTANT: The price (unless otherwise stated) is per metre of rope. Please enter the desired quantity in the QTY field and this will be shipped as one continuous length unless specifically requested otherwise. Please note that we are unable to exchange or refund rope orders that have been cut to length or customised in any way, such as splicing work.


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