Poolguard GAPT-2 Outdoor Pool Gate Alarm Garden, Lawn, Supply, Maintenance

Poolguard gate alarm can be used on any gate, outside door or screen giving access to your pool. alarm sounds in 7 seconds if a child opens the gate, even if they close the gate. the alarm is always on and always automatically resets under all conditions. alarm will not allow someone to accidentally leave your gate open for children to wander through. poolguard gate alarm is equipped with an adult pass through feature that allows adults to go through the gate without the alarm sounding. the gate alarm is equipped with a low battery indicator and will audibly alert you when your battery is getting low. the gate alarm uses one 9-volt battery, (not included) and battery life is approximately one year. alarm comes with 6 feet of ul approved hook up wire and a sensor switch and sensor magnet designed for gates.



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1.8 x 1.8M


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