Gardman Greenhouse Rainwater Kit 8877

We cant afford to waste a drop and where better to have a water butt than right by the greenhouse door with a ready, free water supply on hand to nurture thirsty young growth. This purpose made filament will fit nearly all greenhouses and slots easily and neatly into the gutter end to channel rainwater into a water butt or other container. Grey in colour, with a 3.5cm diameter.



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Lean-To Aluminium Greenhouse

Lean-To Aluminium Greenhouse

GLEAN Features: -Material: Aluminium.-Ideal for small spaces. Includes: -Includes smooth action sliding door and a roof vent. Specifications: -164 cm H x 65 cm W x 10.5 cm D.

6×8 Greenhouse Aluminium & PolyCarbonate + Free Base Green Frame

6x8 Greenhouse Aluminium & PolyCarbonate + Free Base Green Frame

6 x 8 foot Greenhouse – Stylish Classic Design

This is an edenStar branded greenhouse. Speedwellstar are the only Europoen sellers of these greenhouses.
Other sellers are not supplying edenStar greenhouses.

Enjoy your healthy and tasty home produce earlier in the year
# Strong green coated aluminium frame
# Twin-wall polycarbonate panels that slide into the frame – for extra support and durability
# Guttering system
# All weather resistant
# Protected from the fading of UV light
# Sliding door
# Window for excellent ventilation
# Strong galvanized steel base

When you open your box you will find
# Green Aluminium Frame
# Polycarbonate Panels
# Matching Green Base
# Instructions

Erecting your greenhouse

Your greenhouse comes with a comprehensive set of instructions
Assembling it will be helped by having assistance from a competent DIY’er


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