BOGOF 15" Large Easy Fill Hanging Basket (= 2 baskets)

These hanging baskets feature removable side panels to allow for easy access when planting up. They require no moss or liner and are easy to plant, producing more plant productivity to create a vibrant floral display. Made from recycled plastics, they come complete with a hanging chain to create a beautiful hanging display in a fraction of the time



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Large Mixed Spring Artificial Flower Hanging Basket

Large Mixed Spring Artificial Flower Hanging Basket

This is a 12" ornate metal basket with chain, complete with liner and finished with trailing ivy.

The basket is filled with beautiful artificial flowers of mixed colours in a spring theme. Flowers include tulips, pansies and freesias.

These baskets are made to order, and we put a lot of love and care into our products to ensure they are of the highest quality. The baskets are deisigned for outdoor use and come with chain attached ready for installation.

They add instant colour to brighten up your home or workplace and require no maintainance. No watering or deadheading! This makes them ideal for those who lack on time to tend to their gardens, for holiday homes, workplaces, small garden/patio areas, those who are unable to tend to gardens.

Each item is handmade to order, so there may be some slight variations to the photograph.

Flower pouches pack of 10 saving £3.00

Flower pouches pack of 10 saving £3.00

Hessian Hanging Flower Bags – Plastic hanging bags have been around a while and are great for creating colourful displays. This new hanging bag is made from Hessian, which is biodegradable and much more attractive than the plastic versions. Hessian Hanging Flower Bags – They are perfect for filling with bizzie lizzies and fuchsia for the shade or petunias, bedding begonias or trailing geraniums for the sun. Hanging bags are much easier to prepare and look after than hanging baskets as they require much less water and feed. The bag will last at least 2 seasons and much longer if emptied and stored dry when not in use
" I have found that using one variety of plant per bag works best and bizzie lizzies in the shade always do well" says John the Green Gardener.
For winter fill with winter flowering pansies to brighten the cold winter days


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