Happy Hot Tubs Spa TA Plus Total Alkalinity Hot Tub Spas Tubs Pool 1kg

1 x Total Alkalinity Increaser 1kg,Product Information,Spa TA Plus is used to increase your spa water alkalinity.Total Alkalinity must be maintained at between 80-150mg/I (ppm). Test this using test strips,if your TA is below 80mg/l (ppm) use TA plus to bring the level up to the recommended levels.Having a more balanced Alkalinity ensures that your PH is more easily balanced,ensuring your spa water is less irritating and a more enjoyable experience.,Label may say Happyhottubs on this product ,All goods are manufactured by CPC ,Brands -Blue Horizons or Aquasparkle.



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Happy Hot Tubs 6 Pack Bestway VI Filter + Twin Cartridge Holder Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub 54113 54112

Happy Hot Tubs 6 Pack Bestway VI Filter + Twin Cartridge Holder Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub 54113 54112

These 6 filters will fit all 2012 new lay-z-spas, for older Lay-Z-Spas, see the PBW5Pair (Bestway 2) filter.

This Product Also Has a 2 Filter Cartridge Holder Unit, which allows you to upgrade your Bestway Lay-Z-
Spa Filter System to 2 Filter Cartridges for improved Filtration and Cleaning

Part Number – 58239.

Measurements – 105mm x 40mm (Hole through middle)

This will fit models 54112 and 54113 with the new pod.

Bestway have improved Lay-Z-Spas from 2012 by offering the new built in wall filter featuring these compact filters.

Filter cartridges should be kept clean and in good condition to prevent flow problems and prolong your spa’s life.

Pure-Spa Whirlpool Sanitising Tablets (3 Pack)

Pure-Spa Whirlpool Sanitising Tablets (3 Pack)

Whirlpool Sanitising tablets (30 per pot)
For regular sanitising treatment of your Whirlpool or Spa bath.
For a fresher more Hygienic system. Use after each use of the bath.

How to use..
After each use of the bath and before emptying, put one tablet into the bath water.
Switch on the system & run for 2-5minutes.
Switch off the system and drain as normal.
Your whirlpool bath has now been effectively treated.


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