Decorative Post Box Wall mounted Premium Steel Letter Mail box Stylish A4 -Magazine size -High qulaity Spark Stamped finishes

Attractive stamped finishes.
As well as receiving correspondences, their design transforms these mailboxes into a decorative element.
Personalise and decorate the entrance to any residence.



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Garden Trading Post Box with Lock – Gooseberry

Garden Trading Post Box with Lock - Gooseberry

This is a great Wall Mounted Garden Trading Post Box in Gooseberry with Lock and 2 Keys Your teacher might have swallowed the one about the dog eating your homework, but you might have problems convincing the inland revenue if your tax return is late!! If you have a playful puppy or a tearaway kitten our Post Box keeps your mail out of harm’s way It is great for those who live in period houses with smaller sized letter boxes or the elderly or infirm who find it hard to bend down. Size: 37 x 24 x 8cm with an opening size of approx 22cm x 2.5cm

Cockerel Wall Mounted Black Post Box

Cockerel Wall Mounted Black Post Box

This Cockerel Wall Mounted Post Box is made from thick cast aluminium, finished in black with a luxurious hand painted Cockerel design on the front of the box.The letter flap, on top of the box, is large enough to take an A4 envelope but still small enough to be secure; it is also hinged and sloped to act as a rain cover. The front retrieval door has a unique opening which is hinged at the top allowing really easy access to the box inside.For added security the front opening door has an integral lock which comes with four sets of keys. Other Designs available, please contact us for postage discounts.

'Huntingdon' Black Post Box with Locking Front Access Door on Stand / Pillar

'Huntingdon' Black Post Box with Locking Front Access Door on Stand / Pillar

Set on a turned pillar, this post box has a striking and period look, set on a splendid column and cast in aluminium. Produced with a brass letter flap, this post box will stand alone, but can be secured by four bolt or screw holes to the ground. Key locking, supplied with two cut keys.

Dimensions (approx)
Height: 1170mm
Width: 415mm
Depth: 290mm
Letter Aperture: 275mm x 34mm
Weight: 7.78kg

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The story of Black County Metal Works began over twenty five years ago with the dreams of one man, Mr Eric Schubert, a highly skilled metal worker who lived and worked in the Black Country. His passion in life was metal and the many wonderful items that could be created from this versatile raw material. Although he is now retired, the business and passion has passed to his son-in-law, whose own father was both an engineer and designer, and his grandson. Family ties are still very strong and the founder, Eric Schubert, is still very much involved in the design and creation processes.


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