QVS Shop 75 X Metal/Steel Ground Staple Pegs/Pins For Weed Control Fabric Mulch Mat Cover

Securing pegs for use with our Weed Control & Fleece ProductsThese top quality galvanised steel staple pegs are ideal for securing in place weed control membrane fabrics, crop protection fleece, jute, etc. onto hard or stony soil. They are each 4" (100mm) wide & 6" (160mm) long.



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When you are snug in your centrally heated home in the winter, a glass of something warming in your hand, spare a thought for your plants enduring the winter outside. Shallow rooted plants experience the worst of the weather. They need protection, especially if they were only planted during the final days of the autumn planting season.

Low growing perennials such as rockery plants and soft fruit plants such as strawberries and cane fruits, take the brunt of the cold weather. It’s not just the cold, but the constant changes in temperature that cause stress to shallow rooted plants. The warm/cold effect is called ‘heaving’ as the soil literally moves when expanding and contracting. Even large shrubs (like rhododendrons and azaleas) which are surface rooters will suffer.

To limit the bad effects of these adverse conditions, treat them to a generous winter mulch of coco husk chips. These chips help to maintain a balanced temperature regimen at soil level. Your plants will likely say ‘thank-you’ with a safe passage through the winter months and an early start for the growing season.
The mulch should be 3 inches thick for small plants, even thicker for surface rooting shrubs such as rhododendrons. Don’t take it right up to the stem of the plant. There is no need to mulch the entire bed. Just calculate where the roots are and mulch over that, plus a few extra inches. (But if you do cover the entire bed you will also deter weeds and slugs – slugs hate our coco husk chip mulch – a good tip for the summer too. When everyone else was suffering from slug damage in the 2012 summer, our gardens in Tewkesbury were slug free!)
This mulch is also suitable for planters which are left outside. Winter flowering annuals such as pansies will perform better with a light
mulch. Just remember to remove any weeds before mulching.

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