Bermuda Banish Feature Clear Pond Water Treatment 250ml

Unsightly algae and fungal growth within a water feature can make it unsightly and can encourage unpleasant odour. Bermuda Banish Feature Clear quickly and effectively removes this problem.

– Effective green water algae/fungi control in water features
- For use in self-contained water features.
- Harmless to wildlife
- Disinfects, cleans and stops smells!



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Blagdon 2000gals Bio Start Carton

Blagdon 2000gals Bio Start Carton

Interpet Bio-Start contains biological cultures for the rapid colonisation of a new filter. To help keep your pond crystal clear, use Bio-Start to prime your filtration system and whenever new fish are added. Product Features Use Bio Start whether you have a filter or not.To establish a new pondIn spring to kick start the pond out of its dormant state.After using medications, which may have damaged biological cycles.If test kits indicate high levels of toxic waste. Each sachet treats up to 500 gallons of pond water. Simply add to filter or pond. Carton containing 4 sachets to treat up to 2000 gallons (9000 litres)

Ambiente Spring Lily Programmable Solar Water Feature Bird Bath With Led Lights

Ambiente Spring Lily Programmable Solar Water Feature Bird Bath With Led Lights

Spring Lily Programmable Solar Bird Bath Water Feature with Lights –> Features Integrated memory function allows you to programme the feature to activate at the same time each day Discreet magnet attached to feature can be used to switch on or off Selection of 3 fountain heads – you can choose 7, 12, or 13 fountain jets Solar power is environmentally friendly and economical to run Solar energy can be stored up and used any time – day or night Battery backup will allow your feature to function even in overcast weather Suitable for outdoor use – highly durable, and UV and frost resistant Super bright white LEDs allow you to enjoy your feature even after dusk Water is recirculated in the reservoir within the feature – fully self-contained , with no need for you to purchase a reservoir Classicb birdbath design and beautiful spring lily motif – perfect for both modern and traditional gardens Durable, weather resistant, and maintenance free –> –> Specifications Height 79cm (2ft 7in) Diameter 53cm (1ft 8¾in) –> This water feature combines a rustic, old-world charm with clever modern technology. It is solar powered , which means it is environmentally friendly and economical to run, and it features a memory function which allows it to switch on at the same time every day. This beautiful piece is elegant, reliable, and user-friendly. This charming Spring Lily Birdbath boasts a number of clever features that make it easy and economical to use . It can be enjoyed any time of day or night – the solar panel stores up energy which can be used at a time of your choice. The super bright LEDs automatically illuminate if the pump is running after dusk, adding to the soothing ambience, and allowing you to enjoy your feature any time of day. The feature comes with three fountain heads , allowing you to choose between 7, 12, or 13 jets. The water cascades down the first tier and into the basin below, where it is recirculated through the feature. This feature is fully self-contained

Water Feature Underwater Spot Light Kit – Set of 3

Water Feature Underwater Spot Light Kit - Set of 3

Water Feature Underwater Spot Light Kit – Set of 3

A set of three 10W pond underwater lights offering great value for money.

Each light comes complete with five colour filters:


Complete with flat mounting brackets for positioning, 12m of cable and a splash proof outdoor transformer.

Lights can be used in or out of pond.

2 Year Warranty!

Product Specification:
H 7cm, Dia 5.5cm
230v / 12v
2 meters of cable from plug to transformer
8 meters of cable from transformer to first light
1 meter of cable between the lights.


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