Bermuda Banish Feature Clear Pond Water Treatment 250ml

Unsightly algae and fungal growth within a water feature can make it unsightly and can encourage unpleasant odour. Bermuda Banish Feature Clear quickly and effectively removes this problem.

– Effective green water algae/fungi control in water features
- For use in self-contained water features.
- Harmless to wildlife
- Disinfects, cleans and stops smells!



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Green Ceramic Solar Cascade Water Feature with Battery Backup

Green Ceramic Solar Cascade Water Feature with Battery Backup

Green Ceramic Solar Cascade with Battery BackupBring an element of traditional style to your garden with the Green Ceramic Solar Cascade – a popular variation of the traditional terracotta cascade fountain. Relax to the sound of water gently cascading down the four tiers, creating a calm and peaceful atmosphere. The high quality, glazed ceramic finish of this sleek water feature greatly adds to its overall effect and will surely make a great addition to your garden.Features- Suitable for outdoor useManufactured from genuine terracotta, this lovely water feature is lightweight and allows for easy portability. Its classic design features a glazed olive green colour and consists of a pot and three small dishes placed on a wire rack that support each bowl. The water is pumped up to the top dish and then slowly cascades through the water feature before collecting at the base, ready to start the cycle again. Watch the water serenely pour out of the top bowl before cascading into the tiers below. It creates a wonderful, soothing display that is sure to add a sense of tranquillity to your surroundings.Powered by a solar panel and pump, it is totally self-contained and requires no wiring. Using photovalvic solar cell technology, sunlight is converted into electricity to power the water feature.Why solar power?- Environmentally friendly – the solar features are quiet and non-polluting- Cost effective – no operating costs and minimal maintenance- Easy to move around – you can place your solar feature anywhere you like in your garden or on your balcony as long as the solar panel can see the sun- Quick installation – no digging an armoured cable down your garden which can be costly and time consumingSpecifications- Height: 55cm (21.6") x Width: 32.5cm (12.8")- Mains adaptor includes 160cm (63") of cable

Three Level Falls Lit Garden Water Feature 50.5cm / 19.9"

Three Level Falls Lit Garden Water Feature 50.5cm / 19.9"

Water flows from the letter box style opening in the top trough of this natural stone looking feature into the trough below before splitting into 4 streams of water to pour into the base.

The water feature is lit by two low voltage lights creating a stunning effect at both dusk and night.

Blagdon 250ml Bio-Active Sludge Control

Blagdon 250ml Bio-Active Sludge Control

Bioactive Sludge Control is a culture of spore form bacteria that emerge to consume organic pond waste and quickly multiply to clear sludge from the base of the pond. Particularly useful for consuming algae killed by Bioactive Algaway before it de-oxygenates the pond.


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