Blagdon 550 Outdoor 10m Mini Pond Feature Pump

Blagdon MiniPond Feature Pumps Code: 1011501 Brand: Blagdon Size: 550 The Blagdon MiniPond Feature Pump range are high performance compact water feature pumps. Blagdon Minipond feature pumps are high quality pumps designed with advanced technology to run a wide variety of water features. The compact powerful motors are easy to maintain having a single moving part impeller system. The MiniPond Feature Pumps are ideal for small water features due to their small compact design and integral adjustable flow control. The Blagdon Indoor feature pumps are supplied with 3m of cable and a fitted plug whilst the outdoor range are supplied with 10m of cable without a plug. Blagdon MiniPond Feature Pump Product Summary: Compact design Easy to use and maintain Simple single moving part system Integral adjustable flow control Ideal for small water features Complete with either 3m or 10m of cable Complete with hose fittings



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PONDRITE – 1000 litre/h Pond Pump Water Feature / Fountain / Waterfall

PONDRITE - 1000 litre/h Pond Pump Water Feature / Fountain / Waterfall

1 YEAR WARRANTY – These pumps are designed specifically for use as in submersible applications. To be used with the fountain head/s supplied or alternatively provide water flow for garden water features, pebble ponds etc. Can be used to provide flow to a fountain, a waterfall or both combined. Rated voltage: 220-240V, 50Hz – Power rating: 16w – Maximum Flow: 1000l/h – Maximum head: 1.7m – Maximum depth: 2m – Diameter of standard outlet: 20mm – Cable length: 10m (Comes with normal UK wiring that can have a 3 pin plug attached. Should be connected to weatherproof outdoor socket / junction box. 10m SEALED cable. There is a valve to all you to Control the flow. The speed setting is fixed.)

Solar Powered Floating Water Lily Garden Pond Water Feature Fountain

Solar Powered Floating Water Lily Garden Pond Water Feature Fountain

Enhance your garden pond with this attractive floating water feature. The Floating Lily Fountain is completely solar powered and requires no other power source, just place it in the water and let it add sparkle to your garden.

Can be used as Water pump feature aswell – see pictures
The environmentaly friendly Floating Lily Fountain is easy to assemble and install and will delight for hours as it adds charm and originality without the need for maintenance or complicated plumbing.

It is powered by a discrete solar panel, which is placed in an area that receives plenty of sunlight up to 5m from the Lily. The pump is concealed below the Lily and when charged by the sun will provide an enchanting water feature for your garden pond.

Why not make a real feature of your garden pond now!


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